Mahi Leather

December 14, 2017

Written by Anna White

I was contacted a few weeks back by a company named Mahi Leather asking if I would do a blog post on Christmas gift ideas and include their products in the post. In exchange for doing the post, I could choose a bag of my choice from their website and receive for FREE. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if the contact was legit or not, but I researched the company, discovered they were legit so I went for it. I provided the link to the blog post they requested and a week later I had a brand new bag delivered to my doorstep.

I picked the Classic Bucket Bag for my freebie and I am totally in love with it. I’ve been using it ever since it arrived and I don’t think I will ever go to another bag or at least not for quiet some time. Every MAHI is lovingly made to order and comes complete with a complimentary dust cover and 30 day money-back guarantee. You can have your bag personalized, if desired. The leather is beautiful and the workmanship is great.

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You can check out the assortment of bags and accessories by visiting Mahi Leather and get the perfect gift for yourself as well as a loved one. They have gifts for women and men alike.

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