Janome HD-3000 Sewing Machine

July 25, 2020

Written by Anna White

On June 7th I ordered a new sewing machine. One that I had been eyeing for quiet some time, but never had the courage to purchase. Circumstances finally give me the incentive to purchase, but unfortunately it would be several weeks before it would be delivered as they were out of stock thanks to the pandemic.

In choosing what type of machine I wanted I knew I wanted something heavy duty as I wanted to sew bags and my current machine wasn’t equipped to handle heavy duty stuff.  The machine was supposed to be delivered on the 27th of July, but I got lucky and received it a few days early. I let it sit in the box for almost a week before I finally unboxed it.

The unboxing begins….

It included bobbins, needles, several sewing feet and other various accessories. 

The hard cover is nice to help keep out dust and dirt. 

The top has a section built in to store the sewing feet and needles and also has a tray to hold other accessories. The sewing guide is also an added bonus as a quick reference as to not always have to pull the instruction manual out.

I’m looking forward to sewing many projects in the near future as I have already purchased fabric and supplies for several projects even after destashing my supplies over the past few months.

Please share what type of machine you have and what you love about it.

Happy Sewing!


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