How We Spent Our Time in Tennessee

May 20, 2015

Written by Anna White

We just spent the last month in Lenoir City, TN at Lazy Acres Campground.  Lenoir City is about a 20 minute drive west of Knoxville. I spent about half our time sick. After about 6 days of coughing, sneezing and nose blowing, I finally went to a walk-in clinic, but all they wanted to give me was over the counter meds, which I knew was not going to help. Luckily my regular doctor was willing to call out an antibiotic and after another 3 days I started feeling better. Spending roughly 12 days being under the weather is never any fun. This stop over was a chance to get some appointments and personal things handled. Now it’s on to Nashville for a week before we get back on track for some fun and adventures. Our furbaby got all his shots finished to, so now he is good for the next year, except for getting neutered, which will happen in July.

We drove up to Cades Cove several times. I talked about a couple of those visits in an earlier post. During our final week in this location, we went to the Knoxville Zoo, as well as a movie. The movie was Hot Pursuit staring Reese Witherspoon and Sophia Vergara. I didn’t realize how much I had been missing going to the movies and after having been cooped up for so long, I was more than ready for this outing.

Our trip to the zoo was great, even though we had to put up with kids on their annual field trips. I should have known at this time of the year, the chance of kids being there would be higher, but I really wanted to go and it wasn’t that bad. Of course having the kids there did make for a more interesting day especially while visiting the monkey and baboons. It never fails if an animal is pottying a child will describe everything word for word as to what they are doing to the embarrassment of their teachers, chaperons and parents.

One of my favorite animals is always the penguins. I love how they waddle around. Taking pics through glass doesn’t always produce the best shots, but I couldn’t not post these two.                  

Another favorite is the giraffes. These guys are so tall. At birth they can be as tall as 6 foot and at full-grown, a female can be 16 foot and a male 18 foot. I had never put a number with the height, but when you do, that is really tall.

You could feed the giraffe for $5.00, but after watching that long tongue reach out and grab lettuce from the staff there was no way I was putting my hand anywhere near that mouth.

One of the most majestic animals to me were the elephants. They are so big and beautiful.

It’s a shame that I got closer to a black bear at the zoo than I ever have in Cades Cove. Of course they are behind a barrier, but there is one spot where you can look over and see them without a glass cover and I’d say they were maybe 20 ft below where I was standing looking down.

This little guy was enjoying his swim.

A few rhinos……

Below is an array of animals that we got to see. (Click any image for a larger view). 

I’m ready to get past Memorial Day so we can enjoy the month of June as we have several places on the agenda: Land Between the Lakes, New Orleans and Foley, Alabama along with Blackwater State Park before ending up back at my parents to leave the 5er while we go to the beach at St. George Island with my daughter and her family for a week at a beach house.

Please share which zoos you have visited and would recommend for us to add to the bucket list.

Hope to see you on the road…

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