Happy Birthday Mom

January 20, 2019

Written by Anna White

Today is my Mother’s birthday. She is 76 years old. I feel so blessed to still have my Mom in my life. She has been my rock and my strength through everything in my life. Her love for me is beyond measure. I never know what to get her for her birthday and this year I wanted to do something a little more special. I wanted to create something that would show her how much she means to me and express how I feel about her.

Several years ago, for Mother’s Day, one of my daughters give me a framed poem that I have held onto for many years. I wanted to use that quote on a gift for my Mom, so I used my Cricut to create the poem and then created paper flowers that were cut from cardstock and then rolled to look like roses. I chose two different shades of green as green is her favorite color. I bought a shadow box to put the roses in and applied the poem to the inside, so little hands couldn’t peel off all my hard work.

The poem reads:


You raised me, you praised me.

When I was at my worst

you forgave me.

You guided me with honesty,

you taught me faith and charity,

but most of all,

at least to me, you gave

your love unconditionally.

To me this poem sums up everything about my Mom. She is more special than she realizes and not only a rock to me, but a rock to my children and grandchildren. She exemplifies what a mother should be and sets an example for others on how to be one of the most loving, forgiving and supportive Mom’s you could be.

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

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