Happy 2nd Birthday, Oscar

January 18, 2017

Written by Anna White

I’ve been writing this blog since we started living the RV life back in March of 2015 and got our first pup Oscar about two weeks after we started our journey through Florida. I have no idea why I didn’t post anything about his first birthday, but for some reason I must have forgot or maybe I didn’t even do a birthday celebration that first year. To be honest it is 2021 and I am dating this post back to the time of his second birthday. Am I the only one that post way after an event, but puts it in the timeline for the time when it actually happened? Oh well, I’ve always been a little on the weird side so I might be the only one that does this.

Regardless, here is my handsome little man on his second birthday. He was licking his lips before he even got a change to sample his cake. I bought this at PetSmart and after getting this one said I would never buy another one. I lied. I bought one for his sister Harley in 2018. Guess I forgot how hard these things were. It’s a wonder it didn’t break their teeth out.

You’ll have to excuse the mess all around him, but we live in an RV and there is little room for all my junk, I mean stuff so we have to improvise and use the same thing for several things, such as the dining room table serves as a place to eat, a place to sew, a place to use the computer and a place to celebrate doggy birthdays.

I’m not sure why he was being so patient before digging in to that cake. Maybe he was trying to tell us he didn’t expect it to be much good.

He finally dug in and started nibbling at it. He did share some with his sister before it was all gone. He definitely enjoyed the new toys more than the cake.

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