Fun in 2019

Written by Anna White

August 11, 2019

Time Flies When Your Having Fun!!!

I can’t believe it’s already August of 2019. It’s been several months since I’ve written anything and didn’t share much about 2018. I definitely had a lot more to say and share when we were living in the RV full-time and driving around seeing the countryside.  I miss our travel days and long for the day when we can get back out on the road.  2018 was filled with change. I went back to work in February and the drive was roughly an hour plus in one direction so come March 1st we moved our RV into Safe Harbor RV Park right on Percy Priest Lake. The views of the lake were awesome. Unfortunately they only allow people to stay 9 months out of the year, March to November, so we knew going in that come November 30th we would have to find a place to stay. The location was perfect as it was only 15 minutes to my job. I didn’t have to get in any traffic at all.  As we mulled over our choices for the next location we actually decided to buy a site built house. It would give the dogs more room to roam and give us the chance to develop some stability.  In October we signed the papers after finding a house in Clarksville. The good news is we could buy new construction and have a nice house for less money, but the bad news was my commute would now be over an hour in one direction. I was determined I would make it work because we both wanted a site built house. Looking back now we ask ourselves why did we do that? We had things in mind as to what we wanted in our house and the only two things we got that we wanted was a garage and a backyard for the dogs. No front porch, an HOA that we hate and neighbors that drive us crazy is what we are now putting up with. The first few months were good though. I especially liked Christmas time when I could hang lights up outside and put a big tree up, but then again I could have put lights on the RV (I’ve done that before) and we always had a tree, it was just smaller.  Once the new year started, we started asking ourselves more and more why we bought this house as we were just as happy in the RV as we are in the house and it’s a lot less to clean. In addition, the RV just sits in a storage lot getting dusty and seems pointless to own when we never use it. We tried selling it, but no one wanted it, which I took as a sign that we are supposed to keep it, live in it and see the world in it. The first six months of 2019 have been spent working mostly. I did take a few weekends to paint the house as it seems I have to put my stamp on every house I live in. The wall color is pretty much the same gray tone that the builder used, but I used a different sheen that would be easier to clean. I also done a red accent wall that I think turned out really good and with our entertainment center sitting in front of that wall it really looks good.  In March I went to Florida to see my parents. I hadn’t been there in quiet some time, so the visit was long overdue. We had a great weekend. In June we traveled to Florida where I was able to see 4 of my grandkids and my daughters. It was a great trip and I look forward to many more. In July I started a new job at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Vanderbilt was where I got my first job at when I moved to Nashville back in 2009. I’m in a different department and job and love it.  Now if I could just get us moved back closer to my work, life would be grand. Speaking of getting closer, we are in the process of making that happen. Just this weekend we started doing renovations on the RV so we can move back in. Although the RV is a 2017 model, I want to make it look more homey so I am painting it. Remember me saying I have to put my stamp on every house we live in, well that includes the RV. When we bought this one, my husband said I couldn’t paint it, but has now changed his mind. Not only will I be painting the walls though. I will also be painting the cabinets and putting down new floors and changing out the window blinds. I will document everything has we go and will post accordingly. Hopefully it won’t take 9 months after the fact for me to post. Once the renovations are done, which I hope to have finished by November, then we will be putting the house on the market and moving back into the RV. 

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