End of Year Weight Loss Update

January 5, 2021

Written by Anna White

It’s been six months since I give an update on my weight loss journey and I’m sorry to say I slipped way more than I thought I would. After devoting nine long months to the program I went off the rails. My life hit some major roadblocks and my depression took over, which made me eat more than I should have. I had done so good with loosing 48 pounds during the nine months I was devoted to the program, but now I have put 15 pounds back on, which takes me way away from my goal of loosing 75 pounds when I started the program. I am so mad at myself and to be honest I feel like a failure. I was so proud of myself six months ago and now I don’t even want to admit how I feel about myself.

This past year created a lot of turmoil for everybody when COVID-19 put us all on lockdown, but I kept up with the program until around September/October and that’s when it finally started affecting me in a negative way. I know what I need to do to get back on track, but finding the willpower to do that is easier said than done and anyone who has gone through a weight loss journey would be the first to agree with that statement, I believe.

I have all the best intentions in the world, but when you do this journey alone and without support it really takes a lot to stay on track. As soon as I didn’t have to be accountable to the clinic I quit tracking my food intake, eventually quit drinking my protein and started eating all the things I knew I shouldn’t be eating.

I’m not one to make New Years resolutions, but I am making a goal for 2021 to get back on track and at least get back to my 48 pounds lost.

In this photo from October 2020 I still look way better than before I started this program and you can’t really tell the pounds that I put back on.

The pic below was added a few days after I made this post to add what I currently look like. I know that I am capable of getting back on track and I will, but I know in order to succeed I have to do it because I want to for me and not to please others.



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