Day 100 Working From Home

June 20, 2020

Written by Anna White

Today is June 20, 2020 and I have been working from home for the past 100 days. For a long time I always wanted to work from home, but never got the courage to set out on my own to run my own company form home and never thought an employer would allow such a thing. When I started my latest job back in July of last year I was given 1 day a month to work from home and I took advantage of it as on snow days I have had to do that, but it was never for more than a day here, a day there. Well now it has turned into 100 days and counting as we anticipate this going on until the end of the year.

The first couple months were a little challenging especially living in an RV that I shared with my husband so the noise level was something to get used to. The end of May he moved out so the past few weeks have been really quiet. I love the days that I can sit here and just marvel in the quietness. I can really do without the TV and actually only have the antennae as I canceled the satellite when it became to costly to continue especially when I don’t watch enough channels to warrant paying that amount of money.

I have gotten into a routine of waking up at 6:00, taking the dogs for a walk, shower, breakfast, scan the internet and at work by 8:00. I take my breaks so the dogs can go out during the day and they keep me company. They love sleeping on their bed or laying at my feet. Oscar loves playing with his ball and Harley just likes being lazy and watching for cats.

I enjoy living tiny in my RV despite all the issues I’ve had in the last few weeks. This has been my way of life since 2015 and I don’t see doing anything different in the near future. I removed the dining room table and put a desk and file cabinet that take up the entire space giving me more than enough room to spread my wings and get my work done. All I need is internet and I’m good to do this forever.

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