Counting down

February 1, 2015

Written by Anna White

Today is the beginning of another month and means we are one day closer to living out our dream. We’ve been living in the RV full-time since the 15th of December and it’s been great living in our little space. The weather here in Nashville has been cold and miserable on more days than not and it seems the only sunny days are when I’m at work instead of on the weekend. I’m looking forward to the day we can pack it in and get on with full-time RVing and travel, travel, travel! We are hoping by the first of March to be on the road full-time. Our first destination will be the Florida panhandle to visit with my parents for a while and then we’ll be going down south along one coast and back up the other side. I look forward to a wonderful adventure with my husband and all that is in store for us.

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