Fun in 2019

Time Flies When Your Having Fun!!!

I can’t believe it’s already August of 2019. It’s been several months since I’ve written anything and didn’t share much about 2018. I definitely had a lot more to say and share when we were living in the RV full-time and driving around seeing the countryside.  I miss our travel days and long for the day when we can get back out on the road. 

2018 was filled with change. I went back to work in February and the drive was roughly an hour plus in one direction so come March 1st we moved our RV into Safe Harbor RV Park right on Percy Priest Lake. The views of the lake were awesome. Unfortunately they only allow people to stay 9 months out of the year, March to November, so we knew going in that come November 30th we would have to find a place to stay. The location was perfect as it was only 15 minutes to my job. I didn’t have to get in any traffic at all.  As we mulled over our choices for the next location we actually decided to buy a site built house. It would give the dogs more room to roam and give us the chance to develop some stability. 

In October we signed the papers after finding a house in Clarksville. The good news is we could buy new construction and have a nice house for less money, but the bad news was my commute would now be over an hour in one direction. I was determined I would make it work because we both wanted a site built house. Looking back now we ask ourselves why did we do that? We had things in mind as to what we wanted in our house and the only two things we got that we wanted was a garage and a backyard for the dogs. No front porch, an HOA that we hate and neighbors that drive us crazy is what we are now putting up with.

The first few months were good though. I especially liked Christmas time when I could hang lights up outside and put a big tree up, but then again I could have put lights on the RV (I’ve done that before) and we always had a tree, it was just smaller. 

Once the new year started, we started asking ourselves more and more why we bought this house as we were just as happy in the RV as we are in the house and it’s a lot less to clean. In addition, the RV just sits in a storage lot getting dusty and seems pointless to own when we never use it. We tried selling it, but no one wanted it, which I took as a sign that we are supposed to keep it, live in it and see the world in it.

The first six months of 2019 have been spent working mostly. I did take a few weekends to paint the house as it seems I have to put my stamp on every house I live in. The wall color is pretty much the same gray tone that the builder used, but I used a different sheen that would be easier to clean. I also done a red accent wall that I think turned out really good and with our entertainment center sitting in front of that wall it really looks good. 

In March I went to Florida to see my parents. I hadn’t been there in quiet some time, so the visit was long overdue. We had a great weekend. In June we traveled to Florida where I was able to see 4 of my grandkids and my daughters. It was a great trip and I look forward to many more.

In July I started a new job at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Vanderbilt was where I got my first job at when I moved to Nashville back in 2009. I’m in a different department and job and love it.  Now if I could just get us moved back closer to my work, life would be grand.

Speaking of getting closer, we are in the process of making that happen. Just this weekend we started doing renovations on the RV so we can move back in. Although the RV is a 2017 model, I want to make it look more homey so I am painting it. Remember me saying I have to put my stamp on every house we live in, well that includes the RV. When we bought this one, my husband said I couldn’t paint it, but has now changed his mind. Not only will I be painting the walls though. I will also be painting the cabinets and putting down new floors and changing out the window blinds. I will document everything has we go and will post accordingly. Hopefully it won’t take 9 months after the fact for me to post.

Once the renovations are done, which I hope to have finished by November, then we will be putting the house on the market and moving back into the RV. 

FOR SALE – 2017 Keystone Montana 3791rd

Beautiful fifth wheel with FIVE slides, LOTS of STORAGE and more! 18 cu ft Residential French Door Refrigerator w/ice maker that operates on a 1000 watt inverter when traveling, convection microwave oven, 3 burner gas stove/oven, pantry & island sink. Living room comes with 2 hide-a-bed sofas & reclining loveseat, fireplace and entertainment center. Also includes king-size bed, stackable Splendide Washer and Dryer, central vac system, an outdoor entertainment center, dual pane frameless windows, 6 point Auto Leveling System & (5) Goodyear “G” Rated tires.

In addition, on the roof is a roof mounted Winegard Satellite Trav’ler Antenna that has been connected to DirecTV, which enables you to receive Standard & HD Programming, stows to less than 10 inches, connects to 3 satellites and is compatible with DirecTV’s Genie programming. For boondocking, there is a Cummins Onan RVQG 5500 LP Generator.

Also included: over 20 feet of sewer hose, a Sani-Con Tank Buddy System with battery and water filtration system with pressure gauge. In addition, a 35 gallon Thetford SmartTote2 LX 4-wheel Portable Waste Tank is included along with a WiFiRanger Elite Pack which includes the antennae and Go system and bicycle rack

All for only $79,900

Bass Fishing on Lake Talquin

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Currently we are spending the winter months on Lake Talquin at Ingram’s Marina in Quincy, Florida. Lake Talquin is a reservoir located on the Ocholockonee River between Gadsden and Leon Counties in north Florida near the Florida capital in Tallahassee. The lake is located south of Interstate 10 and bordered on the east by State Road 20 and on the west by State Road 267.

My husband and I love to fish and could spend every day on the water. When we arrived at Ingram’s back in October we did not own a boat; however, within two weeks that changed after we visited the local BassPro Shop and bought a Bass Tracker 175TXW. Now we’re able to go out on the water anytime we want.

Tracker 175TXM

Tracker 175TXM

You can find many fish species on Lake Talquin including striped and largemouth bass, crappie, bream, speckled perch, shellcrackers,  striped pickerel,  catfish, gar and bowfin. I prefer to fish for bream as they are easy to catch, usually, and I can catch using either worms or crickets.

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My husband (Greg) on the other hand is a bass fisherman and a pretty good one, if I do say so myself.  People who choose to bass fish must learn about different types of tackle, which can be purchased at many stores including online.  Bait and tackle come in many sizes, shapes and colors and after trial and error you will find what works for you.  Part of Greg’s research included asking others who had fished this lake to get their opinion as to what worked for them.  One person swore that he would never catch a bass on a crankbait, which is what he has had success with before on other lakes/rivers. Instead, he was told to use the Carolina Rig with dark colored worms.  Sometimes it’s best to use what works for you, not what others tell you, as all the bass he has caught have been on a DT6 Rapala Crankbait.

Largemouth bass caught on a DT6 Rapala Crankbait

Carolina Rig with dark worm

Carolina Rig with dark worm

On our last escapade, in the last 30 to 45 minutes we were on the water, he caught four largemouth bass ranging in size from 2-3 pounds. He has also caught a 4 pounder on this lake. A sampling of what he has caught below.

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass

Come spring we will be back on the road traveling and one of our goals is to find a lake that we will one day settle down on. We are looking for either an RV park or a piece of land that we can put our RV on and still live in it on the water. We are not limiting our search to any particular area, although we do like Lake Fork, Lake Guntersville, and Lake of the Ozarks. If you know of a place that we should check out, please leave us a comment so we can check them out.

Lake Talquin is also a good place for bird watching.  In addition to the birds, you can find alligators, squirrels and deer, just to name a few. Something I enjoy as much as the fishing is the is the beautiful sunsets. Here are a few of my favorites!

6 Important Aspects of RVing with Dogs

Oscar, (pic from breeder)

Our life would not be the same without our two dachshunds (a.k.a wiener dogs)! When we first moved into our RV we didn’t have any pets, but once we took to the road we decided we wanted to add a fury companion, so we started with a puppy. I know your thinking a puppy, in an RV, are you crazy? Yes we were! We picked up our first, what was supposed to be a miniature dachshund, in March 2015 that we named Oscar. He was 8 weeks old and had the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. He was only 4 lbs and we thought we had hit the lottery.  He is now 17 lbs and not so mini. He was the hardest puppy to potty train and never did learn to use pee pee pads indoors, so rainy days are crazy days, but that’s a story for another day.

Harley, the day we brought her home!

Oscar did not like to be left alone, which I attributed to him being a puppy, but my husband said it was because he was lonely and needed a playmate, so puppy number two came into the picture in July 2015 at 6 weeks of age. This time we got a girl and she became known as Harley and was the darkest chocolate-colored weenie I had ever seen. At 7 weeks she was only 2.10 pounds and also suppose to be a miniature; however, there is nothing miniature about her as she is a plumb 20 lbs. now.  

Over the last two years we have learned a few things about living with these two magnificent animals and can’t imagine what our life would be like without them. Although they spend the majority of their day sleeping and being lazy, they still provide much-needed entertainment for us. They are more than just pets, they are our babies and life would not be the same without them.

They became fast friends!

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On days that we want to venture out to sightsee, go fishing or just need a break, we leave them in the RV. When they were still puppies, we left them in a crate, which they hated. They did not like being confined to a small space and living in an RV, which is a small space in itself, didn’t really provide much space for a gigantic crate. The solution for us was to use what we had bought to use for an outdoor playpen inside the house. It provided a bigger area for them to move around in. We added their pet bed, a blanket and some toys and they were now good to go. We also leave the television on with their favorite DIY channel playing, which helps to block outside noises. We also leave either the A/C or heat on, depending on the weather, to regulate the temperature. The way we look at it is if we were still in a sticks and bricks house we would leave our dogs at home so what is the difference? This is our home and they have never known anything else, so they do well.


Although most days we leave the dogs at the house when we venture out, there are some days that require us to be gone for more than a few short hours, so we find a local doggy daycare to leave them at. In addition, this gives them time to spend with other dogs, just like children need to interact with other kids, dogs need to interact with other dogs. In the event we ever have to leave them in a kennel overnight, I would rather them be use to the idea of that atmosphere than be put into a situation where they feel alone and scared in an unfamiliar setting. They both love being at daycare and are excited when we drop them off and just as excited when we pick them up.  


We take the dogs out many times a day and spend quality time exercising and playing with them. The most important thing to remember is that most, if not all, campgrounds require dogs to be on a leash at all times. I cannot express how important it is for everyone to keep their dogs on a leash. The last thing you want is to witness a dog fight because someone let their dog run free. I see it in every park we have ever stayed at and it drives me crazy. When your outside, set up a playpen area, if allowed, and let your dog get some fresh air. Do not tether your dog outside and go back into your RV. Tethered dogs can get loose and/or tangled up and most parks require you to be present if your dog is outside.


We have a truck and fifth wheel. We have never once thought to let our dogs ride in the fifth wheel on travel days for several reasons. One, it is too hot. Two, the roads are too bumpy and the poor babies would be thrown all over the place.  The safest place is to have them in the vehicle with you. Ours ride in the back seat. I have two small puppy pads, one on each side, that provide a softer area to rest on plus a blanket and toys. Harley is the best traveler I have ever seen. She never makes a sound. Instead she sleeps most of the time and only gets up when we stop, which we do every couple of hours to give them both a chance to walk, stretch their little legs and relieve themselves.  Oscar is the whiner of the bunch and hates to be in the backseat. He would rather ride up front with the passenger so he can see what’s going on, which we do allow for a few minutes every hour or so. Once he gets his special time, then he will lay right back down and sleep as well.  

Enjoying the backseat on travel day!


It is very important to keep your dogs shots up to date. The only place that has asked for proof of rabies was at a park in New Hampshire, but I’m sure there are other places that will ask as we continue to travel to other states that we haven’t been to yet. You should keep your pets records with all your other important documents, so they are easy to locate when needed. When we are going to be in a place for more than a couple of days, I also look for the closest veterinarian office just in case we have an emergency. We learned this the hard way after Oscar was stung by a bee, had a swollen face and had to be treated. In our experience, in order to leave our dogs at doggy daycare or for an overnight stay, the kennel cough vaccine has been required. Some locations might not be prone to fleas, ticks or heartworms, but as a precaution we pre-treat our pets for all three. Either a google search or a call to a local veterinarian can provide information as to whether the area you are visiting should be of concern for these pests and if so precautions can be taken.  


I saved the most important thing about RVing with dogs for last….etiquette. More and more people are becoming less concerned about what they do affects others. However, when you stay in an RV park or campground we need to remember that we are not the only ones there and not everyone likes dogs. We need to show consideration for those people as well. All dog owners need to pick up after their dogs. I think we all should have stock in the poop bag industry to recoup all the money we spend on those bags. The last thing anybody wants to do when having a nice leisurely stroll, especially at night, is to step in dog poop. Pleeeaaaassssseee pick up after your dog! In addition, do not cut through another campsite especially with your dog, and don’t let them pee on the neighbors flowers or anything else in their yard. Another thing that irritates your neighbors is a dog who constantly barks, especially when your gone. If you’re not sure if your dogs a barker or don’t want to believe it when your neighbor tells you your dog barked all day long, then set up a video camera and record your dog when your gone. We wondered how our dogs behaved while out, so we did just that when we were on our trip in New York. We bought a wireless camera that we could view from our phone, which allows us to watch the dogs, to see what they are doing all day. Not only do we see them, but we can hear them and we can talk to them as well. It provided peace of mind knowing that they were fine and slept more than anything.

RVing with dogs is possible and can be a great experience for all involved. Our life wouldn’t be complete without our furbabies and the enjoyment and companionship they provide is undeniable.

Christmas 2016

How to Bake in an RV Oven

When I first moved into our RV I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to cook like I had done for so many years in a sticks and bricks home and the thought of that scared me as I was afraid I would have to give up a part of myself in order to live this lifestyle. It took patience and time, but eventually I was able to cook without burning whatever I put in the gas oven. I prefer gas over electric, but it had been a long time since I had used gas and for some reason in my mind I thought it would be difficult to use.

Lucky for me I figured out rather quickly that I could still bake cookies, biscuits, cheesecake and more, as good, if not better than I had in the past.  The first thing I discovered was I needed to add baking tiles to the bottom of the oven.  The tiles would help distribute the heat better which would provide more even cooking. Second, I added an oven thermometer to monitor the temperature because it didn’t seem like the oven was heating to the desired temperature. A thermometer also lets you know when the temperature is actually at the degrees you want as there is no button to tell you you have reached the correct temperature. Once I added the thermometer, I discovered my oven was off by 25 degrees, which meant if I wanted the oven to be 350 degrees, then I had to put the dial on 375 degrees. 

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Below are some of the items I use in my RV kitchen and recommend to others.

Please check out my RECIPE TAB for some great recipes that I have cooked in my oven.

Feel free to share in the comments below any secrets you have to cooking in your RV Kitchen.

5 Things I Love About Living in My RV 

When we made the decision to become full-time RVer’s I had no idea what to expect. The only experience I had in “camping” was tent camping like 20 years ago. I have a gypsy spirit and once I had children I hardly ever stayed in one house very long.  Over about a twenty-year span I quit counting after I reached about 40 moves.  Some were just across town, but it still meant packing and unpacking the house.  Once I became an empty nester, I considered buying an RV so that way I could just move locations instead of packing the whole house up and besides I didn’t need a big house for only one person. Unfortunately I never had the guts to do it solo. However, when I met my husband Greg he was living in a fifth wheel and that’s how all the fun began. 

It took us a few months to go from a sticks and bricks to full-time living, but it was worth it and there are several reasons why I love the life we live. 

  1. Flexibility to move – I can move when I want to wherever I want and I never have to pack.  Having the flexibility to explore any state on any coast at any time of the year is one of the main reasons I wanted this lifestyle. We even have flexibility when we stay at a campground. For example, if we don’t like the neighbors we can either move to another site, another campground or even another state.
  2. Adventurous lifestyle – Having the flexibility to move allows us to have as much adventure as we want.  Whether we’re fishing on a gorgeous lake, seeing lighthouses and magnificent waterfalls, or just back country roads. There is always some type of adventure out there and we are totally enjoying it.
  3. Perfect Kitchen – I love to cook and bake and although my kitchen might be smaller, I can still cook everything I cooked before I moved into an RV.  In addition, I’ve learned to cook in a convection oven, which saves on our propane use and the food turns out just as good as if I cooked it in the oven.
  4. Minimal Stuff – Having a smaller home makes it easier to keep up with what you have.  When we started downsizing to move into the RV, we realized just how much we didn’t need all the “stuff” that we had accumulated over the years.  We kept the important stuff, but minimal living is the best for us.  I never see us having a bigger home again. 
  5. Easy Cleaning – There are two things I hate, ironing and cleaning the house.  Lucky for me with only 400 sq ft it doesn’t take long to clean our home.  In as little as 30 minutes I can have everything cleaned from floor to ceiling. 

This lifestyle has many advantages to those of us that want to live like this and it’s not for everyone. Most of my family, if not all of them, think I’m crazy, but I can’t think of a time I have been this happy. The flexibility and adventures we have had thus far are reason enough for us to keep living this lifestyle.  

For those of you living this lifestyle, what do you love about it? Leave your comments below.