Weight Loss Update – January 2018

I am only given monthly updates as I don’t feel that my progress warrants me giving updates any quicker. As of today I am down a total of 10 pounds. I know it has taken several months to get to that, but it took me months to put the weight on and I don’t want to loose it all in a matter of weeks and then put it all back on so my philosophy is, “slow and steady wins the race?”


As for how many inches I have lost, I am now up to 4.75 overall, which is another great milestone in my opinion.


I am still having issues in giving up foods that I love, but that are not good for me. If I could get past this hurdle I know I would make greater progress so my prayers every day are to get a grip on this part of my weight loss.

One of My Favorite Pastimes


There is one thing I like to do to fill my time and that is to read. I’ve always had a love for reading even as a young girl. I can still remember the first book that I ever read as a young girl, “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret,” by Judy Blume. I can still remember what the book was about and one of the funniest lines from the book was, “we must, we must, we must increase our bust.” As I got older and got teased for having big boobs, I remember blaming it on this book because all my friends and I use to recite the sentiment and do the motions it talked about in the book. It’s good to reminisce about the good old days and think back to times when you were a child and laugh at yourself.


The most recent book I read was, “Natural Disaster, I Cover Them and I Am One,” by Ginger Zee. I’ve been a fan of Ginger’s for several years and after reading her book, I feel somewhat connected to her. She shares a lot of personal information in her book, but the thing that really stood out to me was her battle with depression. Over the past couple years, I’ve been dealing with my own depression and finally found a doctor who took me serious and prescribed something to help make me better. People who really know me, know I’m not one to take meds, so it took a lot for me to reach out for help and actually take what was prescribed. If your having your own issues, please seek help from a professional so you can find relief like so many others before you. You are not in this alone by no means.


My kindle is full of many books that I have bought and/or downloaded for free over many years that I have still not read. I use to read one book after the other, then for some reason I lost the passion for it. I want to find my passion for reading again and have stated that 2018 will be my year to read as many books as I possibly can. It’s a great way to pass the time and I seem to have a lot of that here lately so it’s time to choose an old book and start reading.

What are some of your favorite reads? Please share in the comments below what your favorites are and it might just be something I read before the year is over.


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Weight Loss Update – December 2017


I feel bad that I haven’t posted an update to my weight loss and a lot of readers probably think I’ve given up. Let me assure you I am in no way giving up on this journey to a better ME. At weigh in today I was down another two pounds for a total now of seven (7) pounds LOST. Yes, I know that’s a long way from my goal, but I’m still losing and I’m doing it my way by gradually loosing the weight instead of trying to lose lots of weight at one time and then putting it all back on. I feel that going at the rate that I’m doing this I have a better chance of staying on track and keeping the weight off in the future, which is my ultimate goal.


In addition to the weight loss, I measured and I’m down a total of 3 inches in the areas that I measure, which are the boobs, waist and hips. I could be losing more inches in other areas, but I don’t want to measure every inch of my body.


My hardest part is still trying to cut back on eating certain foods. I’m a southern girl who loves her bisquits and jelly, sweet tea, rice and potatoes, plus a lot of other high carb foods. I’ve cut back my portions and continue to exercise daily on the Total Gym. No matter how hard the struggles become, I will continue to work towards my ultimate goal!

Weight Loss Update

Time for a weight loss update!!!

As of today I have lost a total of 5 pounds. I have many more to go, but as long as I can keep loosing every week, then I am on the right track. I have changed my eating habits in many ways, but still need to continue to improve in the things I need to say NO to! 

As for working out, I do that every day on the Total Gym. I started doing the 6 day 6-8 minute workout that gives you something different to do every day as to help ease the monotony of doing the same thing every day as that gets old and makes me loose interest in what I’m doing.

I feel like I’m on the road to success as long as I keep my long-term goals in mind and continue to strive to do what I know is best for me physically and mentally.



My Weight Loss & Mental Health Journey Begins

I finally decided to get two of the most important aspects of my life in order, my weight and my mental health. For several years my weight has gone up and down and so have my moods. I have searched for a doctor several times to help with the mental issues, but never could find someone who would take me serious when I said I had problems. Thank God, my doctor in Texas took me serious and has begun a regiment that will help me mentally get my life together.


Along with getting my mental health together, I have decided to start working on my weight issues as well. If I’m going to be healthy, I need to be healthy in all areas of my well-being. In the last 3 years I have added 40 pounds to my body and not only do I have to lose those forty, but I need to lose a lot more. I know it will be a total life change in what I eat, what I do and how I look at myself for this change to really work.


We bought a Total Gym, so we could workout at home as we know from previous experience that going to a gym will not work out for us. I have been doing the Total Gym now for two weeks and I’m down 2 pounds. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but for me to stay upbeat and want to continue I must see some type or progress no matter how small or big.

In addition to using the Total Gym I am walking, but need to increase that more and more every day to have even more success in this process.


My plan is to post about my progress even when things might not be going in my favor. I’m the type of person that must hold myself accountable and I need others to hold me accountable as well. That helps to keep me on track.

The way I look at this is I have nothing to lose, but a hell of a lot to gain on this journey.

Adjusting to the Big 5-0 has Not Been an Easy Road

I always thought turning 50 would mean that I had finally hit a momentous occasion and would have really accomplished something in my life. However, when 50 came rolling down the road, it hit me like a ton of bricks that no one cared but me. There was no big celebration, no cake, no candles, no nothing except for the Facebook friends who said Happy Birthday and a couple of calls from family members.

After a few days of it sinking in that I was now of a certain age, it was time to take matters into my own hands and figure out where I wanted my life to go from here. I’ve had an empty nest for almost ten years and for the last two years my husband and I have traveled the eastern United States. So now where do I go and what do I do with myself?

To be honest, these past few months have been very depressing and I have felt that my life had no meaning. It was not until recently that I knew I needed to make some changes and get my crap together and get back to the fun loving, outgoing, energetic human being I use to be.

I know I’ve lived with a lot of guilt and grief over the last ten years and it’s been hard to put all that aside and move on with my life. My guilt involves my children and my grief involves my late husband. I have read many books, articles and blog posts by Carole Brody Fleet who was widowed at an early age and have gotten a lot of inspiration from her. I know deep down that I have what it takes to get my life back on track as I done that back in 2009 and 2013 and now it’s time I got my stuff together again and put my life back together, quit being depressed all the time and enjoy the time that I have because I’m still very much alive and I have a lot to be thankful for. 

I have three beautiful children, a step-son, their spouses and eight adorable grandchildren that I should be doting on as much as possible all while enjoying my life with my wonderful husband. This past year has been harder on him medically than me, but we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak and we are looking forward to him being 100% recuperated soon.

I am taking the necessary steps to get my life back on track by getting medical help for problems that need to be addressed and starting an exercise regimen that will help me to not only loose some much-needed weight, but will also help me to feel better in the long term. I can already tell a difference over the last 10 days that this has been going on and I look forward to continually getting healthier.

Just because I’ve hit the big 5-0, it doesn’t mean my life is over. My life will always be whatever I make of it and I’m not ready to roll over dead just yet so look out world because I am coming back with a vengeance and I will get my life back on track and will succeed at whatever I put my mind to.