Banana Bread Repeat

November 8, 2020

Written by Anna White

Growing up I was never fond of anything made with bananas as I always thought it would be nasty and as a kid never liked trying new things. I’m glad now that I’m an adult I like to try new things. A few years back my husband asked me to make banana bread and although I didn’t think I would like it, I still agreed to make it. I was delighted to discover that it was actually quiet tasty, which brings to me to why I’m posting this again.

It has been way too long since I baked this and today I decided to try my hand at it again. If you would like my recipe, click here and it will take you to my original post with the recipe.

It is really easy to make and taste delicious.

The batter all mixed together!

Poured in a loaf pan!

Fresh out of the oven!

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