We Closed on Our New Home

We closed on our house on the 18th. This is the second house we have bought in the last two years. We only lasted 9 months in the first one we bought back in 2018 as we didn’t like our neighbors, nor the drive for me every day back and forth to work. This one will be a 45 minute drive to the office, but due to COVID-19 I have been working from home for the past 9 months with no end in sight as to when or if I will ever go back to the office to work. The new house includes a combined office/craft room that I am really excited about.

We are more in the country, but do have neighbors and are actually considered within the city limits, but due to the house being in a smaller town, we don’t have to deal with all the “city” life type of stuff.

I got my front porch and a screened in back porch with this house, which I am totally in love with. I can’t wait to add my own touch to both. The pics below are what it looked like when we first viewed the house and what sold us on this purchase.

Can’t wait to add my own chairs to this front porch. This was what the house looked like the day we visited.

The back porch on the day we viewed the house!It will take me a while to get everything set up the way I want. The closing went very smoothly and our lender even sent us a gift that was delivered on Saturday as we were moving in. I was very surprised to say the least.

Our Free Gift!

After living in the RV for the past 15 months it will definitely be an adjustment getting acquainted with all of this space. Lucky for us we still had all our furniture from the house we bought in 2018. For the first time in my entire life I hired movers to move all that heavy furniture. It was the best $600 ever spent. Once I get us moved in and settled I will post updates documenting the progress.

The pics below are just a few of the rooms showing how bare it looked on move in day.


Living Room

Master Bathroom – Don’t really care for the tub….looks big until you get it in! 

Not a big fan of this huge tub. I would rather have a big walk-in shower….haven’t even moved in good and already thinking of remodeling the bathroom to expand the shower and get rid of the tub.

Master Closet

This closet is big enough for a nursery to be in here. Our stuff only fits on one rack after living minimal in the RV for so long. Told my husband I needed a new wardrobe now that I have room to put it.

Laundry Room

I love the size of the laundry room. Too bad I sold my washer and dryer a few months back before we started talking of buying a house. I can’t believe how much the price has risen in the last 18 months. There is room to add a table to fold clothes straight out of the dryer.

Mud Room/Pantry

Behind those doors is a pantry to die for. There is more than enough room for just two people to store food. The mudroom for shoes is one of my favorites of the house as well.  It is right off the garage so very convenient for coming and going.

Any advice on how to decorate those two beautiful porches would be welcomed. I want it to feel welcome and inviting.

PS. If you know anyone looking for a 41′ fifth wheel, we have one for sale.

A Blue Dress for My Granddaughter

A few days ago I posted about my daughter asking me to sew a dress for my granddaughter for Christmas, although I was planning on sewing one up from myself. In the end everything turned out for both of us as she chose one color dress and I chose another. I went with a navy blue with dainty flowers using the same pattern as the previous dress. As I stated before this pattern is one of the easiest I have ever sewn. The fabric content was also a little different.

I couldn’t forget about her American doll, so not only did the granddaughter get a dress for herself, but she also got one for her doll as well.

Finished doll dress

Finished dress for granddaughter!

UPDATE: Once Christmas got here and she opened her gifts all the work involved was worth it to see the smile on her face. Notice the cat shoes on the doll…they were so cute and she is a big fan of kitty cats.

Successful gift giving!

Thanksgiving 2020

Despite everything that has happened this year I still have a lot to be grateful for. I fixed our Thanksgiving dinner and we enjoyed our meal together just like previous years. It always feels strange only fixing enough food food for two people, and you would think after all these years, 11 to be exact, I would be used to this, but with each holiday I am reminded that all I have left is my husband and furbabies.

Thanksgiving feast

Yes I have grown kids and grandkids, but they never come to my house for holidays as I have lived in the Tennessee area for the past 11 years. I don’t think they realize how it hurts me that they don’t come to visit. They always want me to go to them instead.

Greg (my husband) has a saying, “Us against the world” and it really feels like that more times than not, especially at the holidays.

For this Thanksgiving, I am grateful that after all that we have been through this year we have come back together as husband and wife. We are currently in the middle of purchasing a new home which we are scheduled to close on December 18th. We will still be in the Nashville area, but will be trading the east side for the west side.

In addition to fixing our tradition dinner, I also baked a cheesecake. For the first time in my life I bought a cheesecake pan to use. It didn’t turn out as great as I would have liked, but using something new always has a few learning curves. I’m sure I will get better the more I use it. Regardless of how it turned out, it was still edible and we enjoyed every bite.

Cheesecake in my new pan

Doesn’t look the best when I took the circle off.

Thick slices that tasted delicious!

Sewing for my Granddaughter and more

My daughter approached me about sewing matching dresses for my granddaughter and her best friend as a Christmas present. In addition, she wanted a matching dress for each other their American Girl dolls. At first I was hesitant as I had already planned to sew the same style dress as a gift from me so I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit to doing it, but in the end I give in deciding that she could always use an extra dress and this would be special since her best friend would have one that matched.

The pattern I was using I had sewn for her a couple times last year and she loves it because it has pockets and I love it because of its simplicity. The sleeves are set included in the bodice so you don’t have to add sleeves. There are only 3 pieces to cut out: front, back and pockets. However, there is another option to the dress that includes doing the bodice in one color and the skirt in another, so if you do that version there would be 5 pieces. The dress is designed to be cut from knit fabric. I sent my daughter about 20 different choices of fabrics that I was willing to sew and she picked the color she wanted. I made these dresses by taking the girls measurements and determining what size to cut the pattern from. The pattern is from Annelaine Patterns called Clementine and can be purchased online. (I don’t get any kickbacks from this company and just sharing because it is a fun and easy pattern to sew and comes in many sizes). My granddaughter had gone from needing a size 7 to a size 10. I was able to use the size 7 from last year for the best friend. I ordered extra fabric just in case and ended up using it to make another dress for my other granddaughter in a size 4.

The pattern for the dolls is only 2 pieces, front and back. Once you cut out the pattern, sew the shoulders together, then the side seams. All that’s left is folding in the neckline and hem and sew. I done these in a zig zag stitch for the doll dresses.

Both doll pieces

Doll piece just needs neckline and hem completed

One of the girls dresses with shoulders and side seams complete. Just needs neckline, sleeves and hem completed.

The completed doll dresses

The granddaughters completed version

The one for the best friend

The one for the other granddaughter

Air Fryer – Pumpkin Spice Cake

I have made this particular Pumpkin Spice cakes several time as the recipe is one of the easiest I have ever found, but until today I had always cooked them in my oven. Today I tried it in the air fryer. It tasted just like it came out of the oven and was delicious. I love this recipe because it only takes 3 or 4 ingredients. Some recipes I find for this says to add two eggs and other say it is not needed. I have done it both ways. It is more moist when you add the eggs.

All you have to do is add all the ingredients to a bowl and mix together, then pour into a pan.

I cooked this one in a 9 inch round cake pan that fit right into my air fryer.

This is what it looked like coming out of the air fryer.

After it cooled, I dusted it with confectioners sugar.

The middle was a little more moist than I like in a cake, but no different than the texture you would get in  a pumpkin pie. It was still delicious and the hubby loved it so to me that was a success!