Post Sharing Policy


We are glad you are considering sharing our posts! Here is our policy regarding sharing our posts on your blog, Facebook page, or website.


  1. One picture may be used from the post as long as it’s properly linked back to Anna F. White ( with full credit. You may not remove any watermarks on images or alter them in any way. Photos may not be claimed to be your own. Hotlinked images will not be tolerated. You must download and upload any images on your own server.
  2. Small parts of posts may be shared, but no more than a few sentences or a paragraph. If sharing a recipe, the ingredients may be shared but the directions may not.
  3. When sharing any part of a post, proper linked credit to the original post must be on the post in an easy to find fashion. (Not hidden)
  4. We reserve the right to ask you to remove any links to our site, images, or posts, or any posts that you are sharing of ours.
  5. If it is found that you have copied and pasted any large part of our articles or our blog on your website, a request will be made that you remove it. If you do not comply with this request we will send a formal DMCA notice. If you still choose to not comply with our requests we will be in contact with your server or our attorney to settle the issue with all expenses incurred to be paid by those making the offense.