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The last twelve years have been like a roller coaster. At the age of 41 I became a widow. Something I never thought I would experience at that age. Within a few years I would also see what an empty nest looked like. That empty nest opened the door for me to move to Tennessee.

I didn’t know but one person when I arrived and didn’t even have a job, but I was determined that this was what I was supposed to be doing and although it was scary at times, I made the most of it and came out on the other side.

Somewhere along the line I bought a house, got married, sold my house, started traveling in a RV, bought another house only to change my mind in less than a year to move back into the RV  full-time. The traveling gave me an opportunity to see things that I would never have been able to see and I am grateful to the person who made that possible.

As soon as I started traveling, I acquired two short-haired chocolate colored dachshunds. One is a male, the other is a female, Oscar & Harley, respectively.

I enjoy living the tiny life in my RV, traveling, remodeling, bowling, reading, fishing, sewing, using my Cricut, crocheting, loom knitting, cross stitching, cooking and a good DIY project.

Here on the blog I want to share not only my life in the RV, but also my favorite recipes and photography. I learned to cook when I was a child and some of my recipes date back to childhood. My photography has grown over the years and my love of pictures dates back to when my children were born.

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