A Florida Christmas

December 25, 2015

Written by Anna White

Having Christmas in Florida can sometimes be disappointing, especially when the weather is in the 80’s, which is the temperature today. We have now been in Florida for two months and it has definitely been an adjustment getting use to the heat again. However, Greg is loving the high temperatures, but I could do without 80 degree weather in the winter months.

Living in an RV can make decorating for Christmas an interesting concept, but I think we handled the situation quiet well. At only 3 feet tall, the tree fit best on the table, although for most of the month it sat on top of a cabinet next to the TV, but I couldn’t add the presents, so in order to get a good pic with all the gifts, I moved it to the table once I took down the sewing machine, which stays on top of the table more than anything else.  _DSC4894

We spent Christmas Eve with my daughter and her family and had a wonderful time. She cooked some wonderful chicken and dumplings, broccoli casserole and a corn casserole as well.  For dessert, I made my famous eclair cake that is always a delight to eat. After dinner, we opened gifts. It takes getting use to going to my daughters house as opposed to having everyone at home for Christmas, but with only an RV, there really isn’t room for everyone to actually have space to enjoy the moment. At this time of the year, I really miss my big house and wish things were like they use to be before RV life took over.

The youngest, Madison, is now at the age that she knows how to open presents and enjoyed all of her stuff. Here she’s modeling her matching hat and scarf and a purse. She kept that scarf on pretty much all night, even after bath time, she wanted her scarf. Hopefully the temperatures will eventually change and she’ll be able to wear them outside._DSC5034

Off with the hat and scarf and on to modeling another purse and her lite up Frozen slippers.

_DSC5063Colby, who is eleven, is into Dr. Who and wanted as much Dr. Who stuff as he could possibly get, so I got him the whole set from head to toe. He’s such a big brother and loves looking out for his little sister. She had to get in on his pictures as well.


At the end of the night we had to get a picture of all us.


Another pic of Madison looking totally adorable in front of the Christmas tree.


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