5 Things I Love About Living in My RV 

January 5, 2017

Written by Anna White

When we made the decision to become full-time RVer’s I had no idea what to expect. The only experience I had in “camping” was tent camping like 20 years ago. I have a gypsy spirit and once I had children I hardly ever stayed in one house very long.  Over about a twenty-year span I quit counting after I reached about 40 moves.  Some were just across town, but it still meant packing and unpacking the house. Once I became an empty nester, I considered buying an RV so that way I could just move locations instead of packing the whole house up and besides I didn’t need a big house for only one person. Unfortunately I never had the guts to do it solo. However, when I met my husband Greg he was living in a fifth wheel and that’s how all the fun began. 

It took us a few months to go from a sticks and bricks to full-time living, but it was worth it and there are several reasons why I love the life we live. 

  1. Flexibility to move – I can move when I want to wherever I want and I never have to pack.  Having the flexibility to explore any state on any coast at any time of the year is one of the main reasons I wanted this lifestyle. We even have flexibility when we stay at a campground. For example, if we don’t like the neighbors we can either move to another site, another campground or even another state.
  2. Adventurous lifestyle – Having the flexibility to move allows us to have as much adventure as we want.  Whether we’re fishing on a gorgeous lake, seeing lighthouses and magnificent waterfalls, or just back country roads. There is always some type of adventure out there and we are totally enjoying it.
  3. Perfect Kitchen – I love to cook and bake and although my kitchen might be smaller, I can still cook everything I cooked before I moved into an RV.  In addition, I’ve learned to cook in a convection oven, which saves on our propane use and the food turns out just as good as if I cooked it in the oven.
  4. Minimal Stuff – Having a smaller home makes it easier to keep up with what you have.  When we started downsizing to move into the RV, we realized just how much we didn’t need all the “stuff” that we had accumulated over the years.  We kept the important stuff, but minimal living is the best for us.  I never see us having a bigger home again. 
  5. Easy Cleaning – There are two things I hate, ironing and cleaning the house.  Lucky for me with only 400 sq ft it doesn’t take long to clean our home.  In as little as 30 minutes I can have everything cleaned from floor to ceiling. 

This lifestyle has many advantages to those of us that want to live like this and it’s not for everyone. Most of my family, if not all of them, think I’m crazy, but I can’t think of a time I have been this happy. The flexibility and adventures we have had thus far are reason enough for us to keep living this lifestyle.  

For those of you living this lifestyle, what do you love about it? Leave your comments below.

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