2021 Riley Blake Designs (RBD) Block Challenge

January 28, 2021

Written by Anna White

Quilting is something I have always wanted to do, but always made excuses for not really getting into it and accomplishing something. I started two or three quilts back in the 80’s, but never finished them. My Granny used to quilt by hand, and she made some beautiful quilts.

I saw this block challenge by Riley Blake Designs and decided now was as good a time as any to start and it’s designed so that you make one block a week, so in my mind it doesn’t seem as daunting and maybe this time I can make it until the end.

The challenge will run for 16 weeks, starting February 2nd through June 22nd. A new block will come out each week except for the last week of the month. I do not see where they have posted a pic of what the finished quilt will look like, so there is no telling what I am getting myself into. Each block will be 10″ finished size and there will be 19 different colors within the quilt.

Since I’m not sure about fabrics and designs I decided to go with the Confetti Cotton fabrics that were recommended and ordered all the required fabrics at one time online. My fabrics are supposed to be everything that I need to the top including sashing, binding and corner stones. Once I’m done and I see how it all comes together I’ll decide if I want to buy the backing and have it quilted or not.

If you would like to join along on this block challenge, visit this link and it will take you to the blog on Riley Blake Designs website and you can get all the details. (I am not being compensated for sending you to RDB Designs, I just want to make sure everyone who wants to join can find what they are searching).

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