2021 RBD Block Challenge – Week 3

February 20, 2021

Written by Anna White

It’s Week 3 of the 2021 RBD Block Challenge and I am really starting to love this challenge. This week’s block is definitely the easiest so far. It didn’t take near as long to sew this one together. I can only hope that the rest are this easy.

This week’s block is the Framed Flower Block provided by Carina Gardner. My fabric choices included Le Creme, Frosting, Marsala, and Stargazer Confetti Cottons. I love seeing how each designer completes each design block as they have all chosen different fabrics each week. I would have thought that each designer would have used the recommended fabrics for their block, but on the RBD website you can see what a block looks like each week made from the Confetti Cottons and the chosen fabric from the designer. You can follow the designer of this week’s block on Instagram @carinagardner.

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