2021 RBD Block Challenge – Week 2

February 13, 2021

Written by Anna White

It’s Week 2 of the 2021 Riley Blake Designs Block Challenge and seeing what others are doing for fabric choices is making me second guess in going with the Confetti Cottons as there are so many different versions being made. It just shows that anyone can take the same pattern and make it their own by putting their own personality into it and create a totally different outcome.

This week’s block is the Shining Star Block and was brought to us by Beverly McCullough of @flamingotoes. My fabric choices included Le Creme, Pebble, Marsala, and Frosting Confetti Cottons.

At first glance this block seemed like it would be extra hard to pull off, but after reading and re-reading the directions, it came together rather easily. However, when ironing the piece after the fact, my iron was too hot and burned my Le Crème. If I decide to quilt this top once I see what the final product is supposed to look like, I might remake it or leave it as a reminder of what I went through and help to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

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